We're here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?
Sound Healing
Yoga Hatha & Vinyasa
Nutrition consultations
Vedic Astrology Charts
Hatha Vinyasa class mixed with practice of meditation. After power and stretching of your body you will relax by healing vibration of singing Tibetan Bowls and breath techniques. Registration needed.
Karlovo namesti, PRAGUE 1

Individual detox program
Creating an individual menu to achieve the desired result: weight loss, muscle gain, prevention and treatment of various diseases. If you don't know how to start, I'll create an individual course especially for you depends on your type of body, habits and lifestyle.
Yoga is a first step to
understand yourself
Yoga is a pure ancient and deep knowledge, which includes a multi-pronged approach to finding the way to yourself.
Mantra Meditation
The ancient sanskrit mantras have a very powerful effect, repeating, plunging into them - you give the opportunity to wake up to your true Self. The one inside is real!
Tibetan Bowl Therapy
The deep sound of singing Tibetan bowls dissolves tension, mobilizes the forces for restoration and makes it possible for your creative energy to unfold. Maintaining health and healing - their application is multifaceted: from lowering high pressure to completely relieving stress
Vinyasa Yoga
(YTT 200h, Yoga Federation of Paris )
Yoga Kids and Teens
( YTT 200h Yoga Alliance , Moscow)
Nutrition coach
( Cornell University, США)
Vedic astrologer
( K.N.Rao, India )
Classic Yoga, Pranayama, Yoga Philosophy
( Keshav Dav Foundation, Rishikesh, India)
Tibetan Bowl Therapy
( Inner World, Bali )
Founder of nutrition course
"Green Power Project"
Participant of Yoga retreats
The deeper the man's self-knowledge, the greater his influence on the entire Universe with his subtle spiritual vibrations and the less effect the phenomenal flow on him.
— Paramahamsa Yogananda

mail to : Annie Voyage
tel/ what's up: +420 608 329 802

Yoga practice based on your request
and state of health
I research the physical condition of each of my clients and their capabilities. Selection of daily yoga practice is formed to strengthen the weak areas and disclosure of the clamped blocks.
Individual nutrition program under the supervision of a specialist
Everyone knows that the right diet is more than a half of success on the path to health and a beautiful body. I create for you a special healthy, and importantly, tasty menu
Online classes
I am always in touch with you and you can always sign up for a personal consultation or online video chat.
Integrated approach
during working with clients
My experience and knowledge in various fields help to analyze your condition and choose the practice you need.
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Personal training created for real people. Lift up your physical and spiritual health on the new level.
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